Interoperability Made Simple

Helping you corral a sea of data Envision Catalyst  cloud based integration engine allows you to concentrate on patient care while we handle making your systems to communicate.

Envision Connect

Envision Catalyst is a cloud based integration engine that helps overcome the challenges related to healthcare interoperability. Our platform takes care of conforming your data to the disparate standards set forth by various vendors software and hardware and makes connecting your EHR environment and data easier. With the ability to send to multiple sources from one feed, it can also help you reduce cost and IT overhead.

Envision Catalyst is

A cloud based middle ware that we manage letting you focus on patient care.

Envision Catalyst can

Connect to multiple end points from a single inbound feed. Reducing the need for multiple interfaces.

Envision Catalyst saves

Money for you by reducing the number of interface needed to completely integrate your enterprise applications.

Envision Catalyst provides

Data conformance of incoming and outgoing HL7 data to meet any specs you need.

What Envision Catalyst can do for you.

Reduce IT overhead

Utilizing Envision Catalyst and our team to handle your integration projects between your software and hardware.

Reuse data you already have

From a single HL7 feed you can output the data to multiple end point sources.  This allows you to reduce cost for implementation.

HIPAA compliant data integration

Data handled through our platform is secure and compliant with HIPAA and HiTech standards keeping your patients data safe.