Frequently Ask Questions

It’s kind of like class, but no teacher to catch you passing notes!

Why would I host with Envision USA?

By hosting with Envision USA, you eliminate the need to build and maintain a mini data center on premise, rather you leverage the advantage of a world class data center and only pay for the space and services you need. All the critical items such as cooling, fire suppression, security and power environment as well as battery backups are no longer a direct responsibility for your organization. In fact, the entire data center is on an emergency battery backup as well as diesel generators to ensure zero interruption to your services. Additionally, Envision USA offers you the choice of having us handle all the maintenance and “care and feeding” of your servers and services to reach maximum availability with minimum hassle for you and your organization.

What support can Envision USA offer that another support vendor cannot?

Envision USA works with many vendors as an outside third party, in order to ensure you receive the right equipment or support that you need, not what another vendor might suggest. We will take the time and perform a proper assessment to understand what your needs are and then custom tailor a solution designed to fulfill your specific needs.

Can I visit the datacenter where my hosted services reside?

Yes, you can schedule a visit with your Envision USA representative.

My hardware vendor requires that I purchase the hardware direct from them. Can you host my own hardware?

Yes, we can host your valuable data on our own machines, or customer provided machines.

Can you provide a helpdesk for my end users?

Envision USA can provide you with a helpdesk solution for your environment so that end-users have a single point of contact.

How long will an onsite Assessment take?

 Based on the size of the facility, up to two days.

When can we expect assessment results and an 'Action Plan Document'?

No later than one week from the Assessment completion date.

Can you help us write Policies?

 Yes, we can gladly assist you in writing Policies related to any of the services that we offer.

What is “The Cloud” I hear so much about?

Simply stated, “The Cloud” is the internet. The internet provides the ability to connect to any service ( Web Service, Email, Virtual Desktops ) from anywhere you have an internet connection. This allows your mission critical services to be located in safe, secure and managed data center environments allowing you to focus on the use of the services rather than managing the machines and services locally.

My IT people are great, but they are not server and networking experts. Can Envision USA assist them?

Absolutely!   Envision USA staff members are experts in networking, server platforms, Operating Systems and more. Some of our personnel have worked hands on in the industry for 35 years. We know how to get things done, and know how to augment and guide less experienced IT personnel to not only accomplish your project,  but to help those IT individuals on your staff that need guidance on more complex IT challenges. We can help as little or as much as your staff needs.

Should emails our Company sends out be encrypted?

Any email containing Private Health information must be encrypted.

My software vendor is stating I must upgrade my hardware. What alternatives do I have?

There may be many possible solutions to a hardware requirement. Contact Envision USA to look at what is being proposed.  We are confident that we can save you both time and money.