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Envision USA (“Envision) is an IT managed services company providing customized solutions with a broad spectrum of Information Technology services, within budget and time constraints, specific to healthcare clientele. Envision offerings ensure that clients leverage technology to achieve operating goals, maximize their investments, and minimize their risk in IT systems and infrastructure.

Envision has provided secure IT expertise in a clinical setting to hospitals, physician clinics, nursing homes, pharmacies and home healthcare services since the year 2000. To elaborate, Envision is a subsidiary of SunLink Health Systems, Inc., (“SunLink”) corporately owned in Atlanta, Georgia. SunLink is and has been the parent company to multiple healthcare facilities and related businesses located in the Southeast. As such, Envision has always had the responsibility of formulating, designing, implementing and enhancing diverse IT solutions for all SunLink facilities and associated businesses. Each facility has unique IT needs and Envision has offered innovative and customized solutions for each one disparately. As healthcare, the Affordable Care Act, and Informational Exchanges continue to evolve, IT needs are increasingly dynamic and secured technology is integral to the success of any healthcare business. In addition, with the increasing consumerism and transparency demand, patients expect their data and electronic medical records to be safe, secure, HIPAA compliant and accessible.

Confident that our staff has the utmost expertise and hands-on knowledge within secure clinical settings, Envision ventured outside of SunLink and offered our savvy IT solutions to other clients in need of our expertise many years ago. Envision has helped reduced cost for clients in secure clinical settings by eliminating redundancy, proactively managing systems within compliant data environments, integrating electronic medical records interfaces to truly work for the clients’ needs in timely seamless workflows, executing network architecture to support data exchanges within fast-pace environments, and a myriad of other IT solutions including cloud services and cloud migration project planning to keep our clients current, compliant and efficient.